Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Kidz Paradise Playdate Mia and Cha Cha (Backdated post)

Playdate with Mia's fav girl Cha2 again..
So this time me and Mommy Lina decided to bring our girls to the new place in Mines shopping malls Kidz Paradise.
New just 2 months operation.
We went here before the rm10 promotions on theGroupon or etc.
Plus its the place is like ours.
The girls spend their time obviously MORE on the sand area.
Best wooo lepaking atas"sand" ni..sejuk je vontot..
The sand is not a sand..its a chinese herbs actually. Shape just like paddy.
So takleh nak build castle whatsoeva..
Main masak2 boleh
The most fav sand's area

 The Mommy having fun too

Jump Jump Jump!

Wehooooo..who doesnt love slide and balls.
It is blue and pink  pula tu..
So cantik

Take a break..Water and Hotdogs

My version of "Bob the builder"
Overall this place ok.
Would love to repeat again.
But i heard this place dah start pack/crowded  now.
Thanks to the RM10 promotions kan.

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