Sunday, September 8, 2013

Office's Affair

So yesterday sangat kan tajuk post ni..
Benda biasa..rasa rasanya mana2 ofis tak kisah lah private or government pasti ada..

Just recently my cousin had divorces. 7 years marriage with 2 kids ( 6y+4y)
Of coz as a cousin myself I will always be at her side whateva her reason is.

Her husband not romantic..Not caring..and sometime not even care about her well being.No conversation in the house..No discussion at all coz he alwiz win.. No argument..No gaduh gaduh.. and no merajuk merajuk.

To make the story short.. and theres a guy in the office who have a little bit of interest in her.. they shared their marriage problem together.. and my cousin suddenly felt that there is someone who at least care for her for so long she longed for that feeling.. 

So divorced happen..
Sad ending maybe to the kids..
Seriously the only victims here is the kids..
I swear I  drop a few tears when her second kid (Mia's age) hug her daddy so tight, when daddy need to go back home and she need to stay with mommy.
I swear I had the sudden rush of owwwww--poor-you-baby when she cried that she want her daddy when she felt down on the grass and had some small bleeding on her knee...

But.. the other way aroud to my cousin..
I hope shes happy with the new man..she will forever have my doa ..
I hope she found the happiness.. the happy ending that shes want in her life.

Why this office affair will lead to this kind of tragedy.. why it become so serius eventho at first ur intention only to share ur tots with someone close to you..sharing is caring..but sharing with another guy will  be so destructive..

So please ladies..find ur ur mom.. cry on your husband shoulder.. plz plz avoid this -he-is -my-bestfren thingy ya.. we never know how dangerous it will get in to you


  1. betul tu kak.. sebagai isteri kena jaga batas. lagi pon x elok buka aib suai depan oarang. yelah mungkin kat jodoh dah xda... ape pon Umar Dani sangat tiuuttt!

  2. sedihnya kenangkan anak² kalau benda ni jadi sekeliling kita.
    sebabtula dr sblm kawin lagi husband dah pesan,teruk mcmana kita
    begaduh jgnla share mslh dgn kwn lelaki. org yg mendengar ada 3jenis, 1 suka² dengar...2 dengar dan guide cara
    terbaik utk solve mslh tu. 3rd jadi batuapi..yg menakutkan ke3 tu la. lagi² dgn org lelaki. dlm kes mcmni, adakla org mengambil peluang menangguk air yg keruh.yg jadi mangsa anak². now apa²hal
    byk luah dkt husband.klu ada benda tak suka ttg dia, terus ckp even benda tu pahit.tapi pd sya baik diluahkan dr kita makan dalam. kesian kt anak cousin awak tu. :(