Thursday, September 19, 2013

Chicken Pox come from where?

No No.. not anyone in the family have the chicken pox now..
Just a conversation between me and Mia about Chicken Pox

So funny..and I cant stop myself to write a post about it.

Mia :  "Mommy, Mia fren Haziq got mosquito bites so many like adik. (Refer to raya post when adik got so many bites on his face).. So many mommy... his neck , his face , his hand and also his feet also kena"

Mommy : That's not mosquito bite ..that is chicken pox.

Mia: Chicken pox?

Mommy: Yes.. it is one type out of so many fever in the world. Please stay far from him ok..or u will bring some home for adik later.

Mia: Chicken pox come from where mommy?

Mommy : ermmmmm... It comes from a person who go a chicken pox laaa.. then transfer to anyone who stay close with him..

Mia : No.. Mia said..chicken pox tu comes from where? From farm ke..from kampong ke..or from the zoo

Mommy : Its not even a chicken sayang..its a desease...its a fever's if u got a flu..we call a flu fever..

Mia: So its come from where?

Mommy : " Mia come here, finish ur rice now:" ... ayat malas nak layan dah..

She still tak puas hati ayam tu datang dari mana..hahaha
Now I tell u ..its her phase to argue with everything..
If then..she will accepting whateve answer that I gave her.. more ok.. she will doubt and question back to most of my answer..

That's my girl..
My super pandai genius kind of girl..

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