Sunday, August 18, 2013

Green Green Raya

Second day Raya at Kuala Pilah n9
Me and UD matching in Emerald green

Masa ni otw nak balik Rembau. Kampung sebelah my dad.
Dah tak de sape dah kat sana..uwan and atok both dah meninggal dunia..
Just visit abah's relative kat sana je.

Mia dah tak tau lari kemana..
So bertiga aje 
Mia with he fav abang Eriq.
This is my abang second son..
What so funny daddy>?
Us in green.
Daddy recycle baju melayu last I just bought Mia's Kebaya same color with daddy.
 Eventho daddy not ready for a photo yet..i choose this picture coz I look super slim here..agagag..
biasalah pilih gambar sendiri je yang lawa kan..
So Mommy's boy.
Melekat je keje.
Pengsan ok
Mia with my sister only daughter Pisya.

Daddy's girl.
Don't they look alike?

Budak tembam ni is my brother third son.
My only brother have 4 sons daughter yet
Umar Dani dah tukar uniform dah..
But still I let her in green pants so stil can matchymatchy with kakak.
On second raya night, we are heading back to daddy's kampung in Jitra Kedah.
So next post im gonna post up what my kids wore in Kedah..
Mommy daddy pakai recycle baju je..

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