Tuesday, April 16, 2013

We are sista and brotha

We are sister and brother.
We came from the same source which is mommy and daddy.
That is why we have the same mouth, and the same nose.
Only eyes make us look different.
And hair... Kakak is more soft curly hair and adik is soft straight hair.
Kakak team mommy and adik team daddy

Just like the others sister and brother , we do fight a lot.
We refused to share toys most of the time.
We refused to share mommy some of the time.

We love each other very much.
Eventho sometime we cant stand with each other presents.
We just have the LOVE-HATE relationship, just like the others have it too.

Mommy always tell us that sister and brother must always protect and take care each other.
Sister and Brother must always being there to support each other.
Because Mommy will not live forever.
So when the time comes,  we still have each other in this world.
Dear Damia Zahra  and Umar Dani ,
Mommy love u so much ..
Damia zahra mean "Kebijakan Bunga"or Intelligent lady..
u show us the name suit u well dear.. u are our smart girl now.
And  Umar is after our Khalifah or Yang memakkurkan and Dani is mean close..
We want u to be just like Saidina Umar al Khattab, the second chaliph in Islam.
He was known for his extraordinary will power, intelligence, political astuteness, impartiality, justice and care for poor and underprivileged people.
Yes, we want our Umar Dani to be just like him.
In Syaa Allah, mommy's doa is the best doa in the world.

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