Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Princess Doctor..or Doctor Princess

Hi ..My name is Damia Zahra
You can call me Mia or kakak..or princess
I live in a purple castle.

My mommy want me to be a doctor..She said doctor can cure sick people.
and all doctors is pretty and lived in a purple castle.
So now i think i want to be a doctor princes..

 To be a doctor, mommy said i need to go to school first.
I need to score all A's in any subjects.
This is me in my new school uniform.
So do the the princess crown.
 I love my crown so much.
It makes me look prettier and it makes me just like a real princess.
without a crown i will just look orangie..
This is me with my lil twin sister.
I love my sister so much.
I dont like my little brother.
He like to ruin and destroy everything only.
I want a little sister just like this.
Mommy promised me she will buy one sister at Toy r us soon.
Little brother Umar Dani will up for sale later.
Love, Princess Mia who now think having a  lil sister is so much fun than a little brother.

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