Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Cute Cuppies from Chef Mia

Saja2 aje bagi anak2 happy buat cuppies.
Rasa kelaut tarahal..but not bad juga rasa moist choc cuppies ni.
Walaupun guna basic resipe je.

The red cute love as a topping.

Gently and slowly...but surely..hahahah

Almost done

A good sign from her..Puas hati nampaknya dgn hasil dia tu

While waiting for the cuppies to cook..what we need to do girl?
Cleaning up?

The best thing baking ur own cuppies is u got to lick the spoon, the bowl and everything..
" I want to lick it too..please mommy..i promise i will let u wash my face and my hand once i finished licking"

"Let me go...get me out from here..whateva ur holding right now kakak, it looks so tempting.."
 Its heaven mommy..Ur thebest mom in the world
 Can i have somemore please...pwetty please
My comotest babies..
Love both of u like crazy..eventho u guys drive me crazy almost everytime of the day ..

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