Friday, October 12, 2012

Mia comel

Conversation di malam hari sambil wrapped toys untuk dipost..

Mommy: when ur big enough..mia kena help mommy wrap toys.mommy give u the order list then u help mommy wrap.

Mia: ok mommy.Mia help mommy clean up room also..sweep floor..mop..

Mommy:Thanks u baby..then mia help mommy take care adik..shower adik..change pampers adik..wash adik poo poo..give adik mamam..give adik shushu

Mia: But Mia dont have "shushu big" kat body..How mia nak give adik shushu..

*ok mommy gelak guling2..shushu big kat body?..did she mean boobies?hahah..dont worry anakanda u will have fine day it will bloom..hahahah..kamu sangat comel

Otw back from school hujan lebat gila

Mommy: omg..raining so heavy. Like cat and dog

Mia: where mommy?

Mommy: where what?

Mia: cat and dog laa


Nak pujuk dia mandi

Mommy: Mia good girl..Mia listen to mommy..Mia anak solehah

Mia: Solehah at school mommy..teeth dia dah ulat already.

Alahaiii...anak mommy yang bijak pandai..cerdik terbilang..i love u so much

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