Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Ai Ai

Since last 3days Mia no more panggil diri dia Mia lagi..she wilk addressed herself as "i" or "me".. only dengan adik dia say kakak.

Contoh.owhh dia dah tukar panggil saya mom skang

"Mom,i want to eat rice"
" I want to go upstair. i want to watch cartoon"

No more mia this, mia that..
Actually it is fine by me..but not to daddy.Yesterday dia kena marah dengan daddy..hahhh..padan muka..daddy ckp..nape i-i je keje ni.."you cannot say i to mommy and daddy..say Mia'..

Mia pun budak pandai jawab kan.."can kan stuffin also say i'

Maybe for daddy if mia dok i-i tu mcm dah besar sgt kut..daddy nak mia ckp mia-mia lago sebab comel kut.

Pengaruh cartoon la kut
Tapi dia tahu if guna aku-kau only for bad people.hehehe
so i really dont mind if she address herself as i to me..or even she want to call me mom.
Anak dah besar kan..dah ada taste dia sendiri

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