Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Berangan itu tak salah

Conversation Mia and Me last night
*Mommy tengah wrap toys untuk postage tomorrow*

Mia: Mia can play or not toys ni mommy

Mommy : Cannot, people buy already from mommy.If Mia want to play this toys Mia need to give mommy money.Mia got money?

Mia: Dont have.

Mommy :Then Mia need to find job la.Mia go to work then Mia got money

Mia : ok..Mia nak go to work la.Mia nk buy toys from mommy

Mommy : Mia nak work as what?

Mia : Mia nak work like purple princess

Mommy : No..cannot..Mia nak work like teacherMa ke, policeman ke,fireman or Mia work like doctor la ..Nanti mommy sakit,Mia can check n give mommy ubat.

Mia: Dont want mommy.Mia nak work as princess.Can wear baju pretty2..Can make up pretty2..then got money can buy toys

*Berangan tu memang indah anak ku*


  1. ahaha.
    tinggi sungguh daya imaginasi mia..

  2. dont worry mia..u can be actress,model or singer..so can wear beatiful dresses and makeup cantik2..also can get money..hehe..