Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Magnetic puzzle toys

Lama tak update perihal toys kat blog ni.
Mostly banyak kat FB ye.So sesapa yang nak tgk new toys add us kat FB

Today i just want to share simple and fun toys to everyone.
Photographer di Japan ye.
Maka saya amil gambar guna cam quality adalah cap ayam.

I call this puzzle as magnetic puzzle.
Sebab each of the pieces ada magnet.

 You can change the dress,pants, shoes,hair and accesorries as well

 Deco deco kan the room with lamp, stool,bearbear ribbon and flower.
Up to individual creativity.

 Change her handbag and her shoes as well

Boleh add gojes red spek juga.
Change her hair as well accesorize it with a ribbon.


 Super cool hats

 Spectacular hair to match with.
It comes together with this magnetic board as well.

Sound cool enough.
Interested kindly email me at

Kindly add RM7 for postage.

Stocks are limited.Me not yet upload kat fb toys ini sebab gambar tak lawa.Tunggu Encik hubby dulu.
So special for my reader only this toys.

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