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What should i expect Mia will learn for another6 more month?

I emailed the principal of Smart Chaliph yesterday. I really want to know what should i expect Mia will learn for another 6 more month?.

Salam Teacher,
So to decide nak continue or not at smart chaliph next year, is still under consideration.Just nak tanya lah..for 2.5years kid what are the actual sylibus in smart chaliph.

This is due to, for the past 5month Mia in smart chaliph i dont see any improvement on her.She still sing the same songs that i teach her before or from Taska Jari Kecil.No new songs from smart chalih that she learn for the past 5 month.Ok..i admitted that she can color better now compare to before.

To know my dotter she can pick up very well whateva that people teach her.She know about colors and shape since she was 2 years old.
So its kindda dissapointed me coz she seem dont get anything from smart chaliph.
Just my curiosity right now..if i continue her in smart chaliph for another 6 more month..What should i expect that she will learn?

Thank you,


And this morning, this what i received from the principal.Apart from comfortiong me and such..she did blame mia and me for that...u guys should read it and judge.


PN Siti,
“What should i expect that she will learn?”
Just to brief you a little bit about the program at SC. actually before parent enroll their child, they will be guided to understand our syllabus that has been prepared for 2.5 – 6 yrs.
If you aware, every morning during assembly time, the teacher will on cd that consist Asma’al-Husna, Negaraku song & 1 Malaysia song. Next, the teacher will sing a phonics song ‘Ants on the Apple’. The purpose of this phonics song is to expose the child before they start learns how to read (by age 4yr).
Based on my experience since 2002 with early childhood education, the child will get something after 2 months with our program. I hope you will try to identify what actually Mia got from new school. It is impossible if you said she gets nothing and still sing the same song that you teach her before or from Taska Jari Kecil. There is something lacking….Have you check are you really follow our program such as come to school on time? How often Mia miss the class? Its sound simple but it will affect the mood & routine of the children. As I notice Mia will refused when teacher wants to change her diapers or shower her. As we have same objective towards our child, I would say, we have to discuss from time to time how to develop and support them, not to put the blame to school or teacher or make our child as a sample to find out which is the best kindergarten for them.
We are not like other school or method, like smart reader (focusing on reading only). Our program emphasizes on the development of the whole aspects in our kids, we called it Syumul in Islam.

Throughout my observation, I agreed that Mia is a fast learner but has a short concentration span. But at this stage, she needs to be prepared with Montessori environment in order to be normalized child (e.g. love of order, love of work, self-disciplined etc.).
For your information, we will let the child age 2.5 – 4yrs to play with the apparatus and socialize with others in harmony + doing hands on activity such as art & craft. We have an area called Exercise of Practical Life. This curriculum will develop motor skills and co-ordination, as well as enriching her vocabulary. Socially, too, new skills are developed as she gradually becomes more aware of other people’s needs. In our program, we emphasize more on playing with other children to develop social skills. It can also encourage learning and develop concentration too.
At this age, please don’t focus more on academic and always question ‘when she will read & write’. The time will come later when she is ready.
We can’t fulfill all the parent’s needs. We hope with the program that we provide is able to help parents nowadays in bringing up children in a complex and rapidly changing world. Insya-Allah, if you really follow what we have plan to our child, you can see the result (at 6 yr).

Yang baik itu semuanya drp Allah s.w.t.

Teacher Eshah

What???...The result will only can be seen at 6 years old..thats mean 3.5years to go..Saya bukanlah nak bergadoh dgn the principal or such..i really want to know, what she actually learn from school.Compare to Jari Kecil before,.I can hear she sings new song each time i come and fetch her. Ok, i got to admit , that Mia had difficulty to wake up at early in the morning. Apart from 8am, i usually send her to school at 9.30am..She need her 12hours sleep too.Tak sampai hati tak kejutkan dia awal2.
Then..i reply back to the teacher..

Salam to your teacher eshah..

1. Yes she still sang the same old songs that TJK teach her.(This is also agreed by my others colleage that send their children to sc as early 8am)..No more new songs for our kids.

2. 2.5 years old toddler focus time is only 5-10 min.So what do you mean by lack of focusing? If she is really that lacking..iam sure she wont sit still when i read her 2-3 books every morning and night. And i did so many activities at home with her..finger painting, coloring, puzzle and such..and i know she can focus up to 15-20 min each time.This is consider good for 2.5years old.
So please explain more on lack of focusing term..

3. I dont expect at this age she will learn or know ABC or 123 ..But at least she get sumtin or learn sumtin from the school.And i really want to know what..As promised before Mia joined SC, the teachers said they will do potty training for the kids.And iam sure the promises is no where to be found yet.

4.Talking about craft and art..the only thing she bring back home is the scrabble from plain paper.Maybe the teachers keep the whateva that Mia's did in a file..can i go and see the file today.I will come on 5.30-6pm today.Hope i can meet you and we can discussed about this in details.

5. She really dont have any problem to shower (she love shower) or changing her pampers at home.Maybe she need a liltle comforting from the teacher to do so.

6. Yes i admit i alwiz send her late between (10-11am)..and iam sure she missed the assembly time, cd'ing time and of coz the phonic song.Later of the you have any other activities for her? I will try to send her as early as 8.30am (complete with shower and "neat and tidy looking") start from tomorrow. And i will monitor for any changes compare to before..She have another 2 more month before next year..

7. I did asked the previous teacher in sc..about the learning activities for the kids..and this is her reply to me (tru fb)

" Kalau nak jaga Mia, akak jgn risau kitaorang boleh jaga dengan baik.Tapi bila tahap untuk mengajar bebudak the teachers kat sini takde proper training lagi..setakat jaga dia sampai petang insyaalah takde apa yang akak patut risau"

Is that true?what does she mean by no proper training?

Thank you for the prompt reply.I dont blame sc fact i really love for Mia to stay in SC..apart very close to my house, and i love the ideas of education toys for her stage. But when it comes to the result, as a parents i really want to see sumtin. You are parents too..dont you want to see your children leard sumtin knew everyday.


Am i a bad parents for expecting too much from the school..I paid RM360 every month to the it wrong for me to put high expectation on Mia to learn sumtin from there. I leave my baby for 8 hours at school..and i only have 4 more hours to spend with her everyday. So i really want she learn new stuff at school during the 8hours without me.
If it comes to my baby, i alwiz make sure she will received the best. And i dont care if i really need to fight for it.Or will it do any good if i keep changing her to a new school?Am i demanding too much..or is that what mommy will alwiz do for our kids?

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