Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Kids say the darndest thing,,

Mia now is 2 years and 5month old.
And she really can talk like big kids already.
Sometime it hard for me to pay attention to either Mia or daddy.
Coz both of them sangat becok..
heheheh.Like really ok..
Kalau dalam kereta, EL cerita sumtin..bla bla bla..and there it goes Mia pula nak citer sumtin else..
Poning kepalo den.
Nasib baik lah saya ni bukan jenis becok sangat.
So i can say iam a good listener to both of them.
Ye lah kalau semua nak bercakap, takde yang mendengar..dah macam pasar pula jadi nya nanti.

Makin besar, Mia jadi makin banyak nak tanya..banyak nak tanya.
Sometime soalan dia tu ada sedikit sensitive issue..
like contoh eh...

Tengah tunggu turn nak masuk check doctor.tetiba ada seorang yang sangat gemuk masuk clinic tu..

Mia: Mommy..so big people tu.
Mommy : errrmmmm...
Mia : Why that people so big mommy
Mommy : She sakit..
Mia : Sape buat? No blood pun.
Mommy : Tummy dia sakit..
Mia : Tummy sakit ..then go o-ok (poo poo)
Mommy : She eat a lot of bad things..thats why tummy sakit
Mia : Mia eat rice,eat noodle,eat chicken, eat fish..why tummy Mia tak sakit pun.

(Ok..malas nak layan..i just close her mouth with my hand because i dont want the fat woman to over heard that conversations..and trust me Mia speaks very loud ok)

Then..she saw a kakak with a short hair pula

Mia : Kakak got short hair..Mia long hair like Repunzel
Mommy: Short hair pretty also.
Mia :Boy only short hair. Kakak not pretty kan.Mia pretty like Repunzel.
Mia :Why kakak hair very short mommy?
Mommy : Mommy kakak cut kakak hair already.
Mia : Why mommy kakak cut kakak hair very short like boy.Not pretty kan
Mommy: Because kakak like her hair short..and Mommy like Mia to have long hair.
Mia : Mia hair very long..then mommy can climb.
Mommy : Wakakakaka....(siyes Mia dah taksub dgn citer repunzel)

(And the story goes on with simple question on why kakak hair very short..pengsan)

And semalam pula masa amik dia from school.

Mia : Adam very notty mommy.Adam pull Mia hair like this (sambil melakonkan aksi adam tarik rambut)
Mommy: Why Adam pull your hair?
Mia :Mia dont want share blocks with Adam.
Mommy : Adam notty..Mia also notty..why you dont want to share with your frend?
Mia : Adam notty sangat..Mia very nice..
Mommy : Yes..Mia very nice..
Mia: Irdina cry tadi at school mommy
Mommy : Why Irdina cry.
Mia : Mia push Irdina.
Mommy : Ya Allah..Mia not nice la like this..Nice people cannot push friend..Nice people can hug friends only.Why you push her?
Mia : Irdina take Mia's block..
Mommy : (Again with the you have to share advice..and Mia keep pot pet pot pet about what happened at school)

She talk really a lot now..sometimes non stop..just like daddy..

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