Monday, November 28, 2011

Her current obsession

Mia's current obsession is coloring..

Bangun je tidor cari color..nak tidor pun cari color.

Balik school cari color..nak go to school (sambil tunggu mommy siap) pun sempat mengolor lagi.

Sometimes dia bleh spend almost 1 hour coloring.

Bukan lah maksudnya saya boleh buat kerja rumah masa dia mengolor.

Saya kena duduk depan dia juga, sambil tgk dia color.

And i can say she can color very well now considering that she is only 2 years and 6month.

Below is her Maal Hijrah artwork at Atok and Uwan house.

Drawing by mommy.

Coloring by Mia.

And we both get A++ for the artwork.heheh

Mia's house during night time. Got stars and moon.

Mia's house in the morning.Got cloud and sun.

Because it is so beautiful..Atok sticked it on his house wall.

And Mia really proud seeing her drawing on the wall.

I think, i need to start sticking her artwork in her room too after this.

Because..i really can see how proud she is because of that.

And guess what baby..

Mommy 1000000xxx more proud to see how good ur to color as beautiful as that.

Good job baby..

Mommy love you so much..


Happy 2 Years and 6 Month young big sister Damia Zahra

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  1. mia color2 sgt tantekkkk!!!kalo e-ein nape tah suke kaler2 biru ke ahaks...ultraman biru, rumah biru, dinosor pun biru kih kih