Sunday, October 23, 2011

My cutest Kitty cat

Last Saturday,Mia and me attended her fren's befday party at Alam Sari.
It was super kewl...ada face painting..ada clown..ada so many yummy food.
Two thumbs up to the organizer and thanks for having us ya.
Right after the party terus straight to KLIA pick up daddy..
So lets enjoy the piccas of Mia transformation as a super cute kitty cat..

Kucing yang kepenatan selepas penat berparty.
Mommy pun tumpang possing sama.
Thats all..

Happy Diwali to all my Hindu reader..(If there is any la)


  1. Comel ok Mia..siap buat mcm2 expression lg..last skali sleeping cat..tu yg best..!! hehe..

  2. eh kenapa mia lain. bila tgk 1st pic ingatkan mia in the black shirt..... ;)