Sunday, July 10, 2011

'Damia,daddy love you so much'

Daddy left us again tonight..and its already 1am now..i cant sleep..Mia every 30min bangun menjerit2 nak daddy..nak daddy..
Kami tak hantar ke airport pun,sbb flight daddy 11pm..just hantar kat depan rumah,taxi pick up.
The minute the taxi left us..Mia cried like mad..macam naik sheikh.I told her dat daddy went to work very2 far..andshe doesnt care less bout dat..the only thing that come out from her mouth 'nak daddddyyyyyy...nakkk...dadddyyy'

Shes been staying with daddy since last two days..i got master class..and busy with marking too..That left mia and daddy together for almost the whole 2 no wonder the crying..the screaming for daddy tu very the over.They went to park..they went shopping..they ate together and sleep together..

Tak tahu nak buat apa..
Makin di pujuk..makin kuat nangisnya..
siap tersedu2 dlmtidur lg..syahdu betul..
i cried with her the last time she woke up for daddy at12.30am tadi..Coz i dunno what else i should do..she dont want me to hug her..or tepuk2 her..or sing for her..she cried even lauder everytime i tried to pujuk2..She just want her daddy..

Until i showed her the picture below (hubby just uploaded it in his fb,saying how much daddy love her dotter)..i told her,if she stop crying daddy will bring her again to park..and she did stop and get back to sleep..owhhhh....sedihla..
bencilah macam ni..tak suka ..tak suka..tapi apa boleh buat..

I just wish daddy will survive without her baby in japan..and saya doa byk2 semoga baby daddy ni punleh survive without daddy katsini.takmoo nangis2 la..mia sedih..mommy sedih..mia nangis..mommy mesti nangis sekali..mommy kan sama geng cembeng dengan mia..

*update on mia 25th month milestone..sempat lg..dah kenal colours..she know,red,black,pink,yellow and orrange now..

Numbers kenal 5& 8 je..hahahah..lain still lagi kejap betul kejap salah..

Bab nyanyi dia mmg sebok dgn lagu rain2 go away pula..
ok..tu jer

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