Sunday, May 8, 2011

The second time is not much easier than the first time

Peace from daddy

Trying to make peace sign juga

Tengah pilih nak naik flight mana.

Pergi airport je makan mc d..

Makan mc d je pergi airport
Mommy turn pula

Bermanja manjaan with mc donald

'daddy..dont leave..

Mia and mommy nak followwww....'


30 day of surviving part2

start from Today...


  1. Babe, jom arrange playdate with cha2 and mia!! let ur mind off ur hubby for a while!! miss ya lots, dah almost 2 bulan x jumpa.. uwaaaa!!

  2. i know u can do it! err..walaupon susah sebenarnya..sabar k, sebulan je. :)

  3. err..kena pegi balik ke siti? adeh..siannye..lama lak tu..sabar yer..take care!