Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Playdate gone WILD

Lina and me had our girls playdate at Critterland yesterday (Will upload the piccas soon)
To my dissapointment, Mia WHACKED cha2 a few times yesterday.
I felt so worry and a bit embarassed with my 2-year-old's behavior and thinking did i just raised a bully.
I dont think cha2 did anything wrong to her..and i really dont understand why she must be so upset with cha2.

Fikir punya fikir..i think Mia' jeleos kat Cha2 kut..i did hug and kiss cha2 a few times and even praised Cha2 on how smart she was..I also hold cha2 hand and helped her climbed the stair...and MAYBE THAT WAS IT..she felt treaten by Cha2 present..

What i did yesterday to stop Mia's behavious?

1. Respond quickily..
I stop her wheneva she tried to hit Cha2..and tell her its not good to hit her frend.

2. Remove her from the situation.
I take her away from Cha2..and let her know if she did that again..i will directly bring her back home.NO MORE PLAY.

3.show and tell
After a minute i pulled her aside..i asked her why she got so mad with Cha2..and you guys know what her answer
"Ni mommy Nya"..and gime me a big hug...So that was it la..she dont want to share ME with Cha2..
and i did explain to her...NO ONE can take me from you..iam your mommy alone.BUT Cha2 is your frend..and it is not OK for you to hit her..You need to love your fren..dont babab ..dont bite..but you can hug her..or kiss her..
I asked her again " Do you still want to play with Cha2?" and when she said yes..i make her to promise not to hit Cha2 again..

I tell her if she promise to behave..i will bring her again to Critterland.

Oklah..no more hitting after that..they even holding hand all the way back to car park. So cute..orang lalu lalang pun toleh 2-3 kali ..seriously sangat cute..from belakang pun cute..from depan apatah lagi..


  1. awwwwww..Mia is so loving!

    can't blame her though...they are too young to understand that kan? hopefully cha² will forgive her :-)

  2. tulah wina..i pun sedih bila mia buat macam tu kat cha2..byk kali i mintak maaf kat lina semalam

  3. comelnyeeee... nk tgk piccas holding hands itu!

  4. comel jerrr. alaa bestnya gi critterland! hehehe. mmg part pegang tangan tu comel gils plz! :D