Monday, May 30, 2011

Big Two (Part 1)

Yeayyy...My baby just hit her Big 2 ..

It sounds so trite to say the last 730 days have been blinked away,

but it most defintiely feels as though they have.

I blinked and she was born.

I blinked and she could walk

. I turned around to cook dinner and she was talking.

I ran to the grocery store and she could sing and dance like nobody business.

Her last day of a 1 year old baby..

And her first moment as a 2 years old baby.
Baru bangun tido.kemamaian.
sbb tu muka macam tu.
Muka sudah besar..

A kitchen sets present from mommy.
And she love it so much.

Oreo-Blueberry cheese cake.
The first cake on her second befday.

Celebrates it with Uwan and Atok and also Maksu.

Focus for cake cutting ceremony.

Today (30th Mei) I arranged another party for Mia at school.

So next post ya will story mory about her second cake pula.

Happy befday Mia cayang.

Mommy doakan Mia jadi anak yang baik ,solehah, dengar kata mommy and daddy.

Sihat tubuh badan.

Semoga jadi anak yang berguna kepada bangsa, agama dan negara.

Mommy daddy love you so so much..


  1. Wahhhhh..bestnya mia dapat kitchen set tuh.Pasni bolehlah mia masakkan mommy makanan sedap2 eh ;)
    Ke mommy nak srh mia besar jadi chef terkemuka nih?

  2. wah bestnya dapat kitchen set tu! happy birthday mia!

  3. happy birthday mia..i x beli lg hadiah bday utk SN, x dpt decide nak bg hadiah apa huhuhu

  4. happy birthday mia! (i pun belikan athirah kitchen set for her 2nd bday. hari2 dia 'masak' sampai skang hihi..)

  5. wahh bestnya mia dpt kitchen set tu..nnt bleh la tlg mommy msk ye..hehehe..

  6. mia!!!!! she's a big girl now. nanessss!!!!!!
    credit to mommy for the kitchen set yo! ahakss!!!!!!

    owh, i tgh mood terharu & sayu ni u... take care! xoxo

  7. mia dah big gal...!!!!

    wahhh dpt set dapor la..best2....

    hepi belated besday mia....:)

  8. best sungguh bile dapat captured 2 moment's yg sgt berharga ittew!!btw,hepi bestday mia darling :-D