Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Day 7 of surviving

Its been 7 days already since daddy left us..
We survived..much that i can say..

Mia pula keep on asking "where is daddy".."where is daddy"everyday..
and sometimes she answer her own question.."daddy work very far"
I dont know whether she understand or not the word far mean ..

Example like yesterday ..we went to Econsave nearby..
Selalunya..daddy will put her in the trolley and push her to the kids area..mommy pula ke area barang2 basah la..

But semalam..once i put her in the trolley..push her inside the econsave..she start to ask "daddy where?"
Macam biasa i just answer her.."daddy work "

Then dia diam..but after 5 min .."mommy..jom go there.." pointed her finger to the kids area..
"daddy..daddy" she said..

Maybe she think that daddy ada tunggu dia kat sana..i tak tahu nak cakap apa dah by that time..
I just push the trolley to the kids area..and i know she felt the dissapointment not to see her daddy there...

I know Mia dah start terasa kehilangan daddy..
Dia nak tanya..mana dadddy pergi..kenapa tak balik2 main dengan dia..kenapa pergi lama sangat..daddy pergi mana..buat apa..etc etc..

But she just dont know how to ask more..
The only that came out from her mouth is "daddy where?"


  1. alahai.. ai pulak yg sebak tgh2 mlm ni baca about mia yg keep on asking tnya daddy :(

    sbr yer dear... tk lama ur habs coming back kan..? bertahan k! i now yu can! :)

  2. najihah pn sama..tanya 'ayah mana?'..pehtu jawab sdr jugak 'oh..ayah pong' (ping pong)pdahal ayah dia outstesen..mmg hati kita ni terasa sayu kan..

  3. ala sian dak mia...sabo ya mia...nnti daddy balik...