Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Day 20 of Surviving (Mode sengih)

*Wink Wink* Daddy coming back tomorrow for 1 weeks..
(mode tgh sengih lebar sampai ke telinga)

Tapi one week je..on 6th Mei he will be leaving us again for at least a month.
Taknak fikir lagi pasal kesedihan Part2 itu nanti..hold dulu the moment..

So ada 7days for us to get our normal life back with daddy..
senyum lagi...

Saturday morning ada One Final Exam paper.
Then later that night ada Company Dinner at Istana Hotel .

My dress for the dineer dah siap..Tapi cannot reveal it yet..takmo nanti basi la..ekekek..
But i will give u guys a clue about my dress..It will be a pink champagne night for me..

My parents coming over to babysit Mia malam tu.
Bagi Mommy-daddy enjoy the dinner by ourself..
If i was not mistaken the MC for the night will be Adibah Nor and the singer will be Dayang Nor Faizah.
Iam not a big fan of either of them pun..but boleh la layan..

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  1. yeay, suka bile u happy.. =) have fun during dinner nnt! i bet ur dress is a killer!!