Monday, April 11, 2011

Connect Connect"

Another new connecting Toys in smart-intelligent-toys now.

"Pipe Link"

For toddler age 18m+

Colorful and interesting shapes.

They can connect and build in wateva model that they like.

Children in this group age are more adventures and independent.

They learn best by trying things out for themselves.

So just lets your kids freely connect and build the pipes in whateva shapes they have in mind.

1. Improve their hand-eyes co ordination

2.Build a creative mind in order to connect the shape.

The pipes have two end condition.One bigger and one smaller. So the kids need to think how to connect the pipe. They need to connect the small end condition with the bigger end condition. So they will learn about logic size and shapes too.

RM23 /sets

Add rm6 for postage.

Others connecting Toys that currently available are

1. Animal connects RM20

2.Beads and Lace RM25

3.Button and Lace RM20

4.Creative blocks RM25

5. Screw and Nuts RM20

Postage fees for connectong Toys :

1. 1 items RM6

2. Buy 2 items RM8

3. Buy 3 Items RM10

4. Buy 4 Items RM12

5. Buy 5 items RM14

6. Buy 6 items (all range) RM16 ..(And you will be entitle for Free Gift worth RM10)

Kindly place your order now.

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  1. nak sgt beli tp dah tahu raina jenis benda kecik2 masuk mulut tggu dia besar sikit kot baru boleh main mcm ni

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  3. mama likha..
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