Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Selling Fast..(wahh macam cupcakes pula)

Last unit for these two items..
Lepas ni kena pre order la ok.
1. Sun and Moon

How to play: Kids just need to arrange those colorful blocks based on the picture.
Picture pun ada difficulty level..kid-junior-master level.
Colorful blocks with lotsa shape.

2. The Hero Saves a Beauty

How to Play
: Kids kena figure out how to arrange the given blocks.so the hero could saves the princess..sangat interesting..
Also have the difficulty level.
Both toys are suit for kids age 3-8 years old.
If you take these two items..
You may need to add RM10 for the postage fees (Actual is rm16)
And entitled for a RM10 free IQ games.
How to order:
Email me at


  1. ni mak budak pun buleh excited nak main ni! teringin nak order tp tgh busy packing mau pindah. insyallah akan order lepas settle semua ok? :))