Sunday, March 20, 2011

Quick Mind

One more new puzzle blocks in the house...
For toddler age 3-8 years old.

This games use a cube cut into different shape. Besides the normal plane collocation,kids can make out all kinds of other figures. This can imprved kid's concept of colors, figures, logic and mathematics as well. Colorful and original pictures are included.
Kids can use use them to build up more than 125 kinds of permutation and combination.

How to Play?

Start with a beginner stage ok..
Nampak tak kat booklet tu ada number 1-10.
Each number ada several shapes kan.
Each number ni represent tahan kesusahan dia.
For example No.1 kat dalam gambar atas ni.Ada 4 shapes.
Parents kena pass the shapes to the kids and ask them to arrange the block based on the choosen images.

They need to build the body of the choo-choo train ni guna the selected blocks.

Almost complete

Taraaaaaa...dah leh main choo choo train..
Then bila dah pass No.1..they can proceed with no.2 and so on

More examples on this xmas tree..kan ada stage 1-10 kan..
so let start with blocks at stage no.1


Macam2 gaya leh susun..see ini gaya yang salah..
Tengok last block tu tak match dah kat dalam gambar pokok xmas tu.

Each question ada answer di belakang..Malu lah kalau anak takleh buat..parents leh check answer kat belakang kan..hehehe

Junior level pula..they can try to build 3x3 cube pula..
Pun sama ada stage 1-10..
Kena guna the given blocks on each stage to complete the cube.

Haahhhh..amik ko..susah tak susah..

Master level pula kena design this 4x4 cube..
susah wei..mak pun kena fikir lama untuk solve the kan cube ni..
nampak sangat IQ sedikit rendah..

Ini lah rupanya..
So to cut it short..this block puzzle is very good for your kids ya.
The imaginative in order to think how to arrange the block ni..will surely improve their connecting tots itu..
Tak perlu beli susu mahal2...
Promotional Price
RM35 includes postage.
Email me at for details matter.
Boleh juga booked sehingga hujung bulan..hehe

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