Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Negative Mommy

I showed Mia this image last night.
I told her if she didnt brush her teeth..her teeth will look like this in the future.
I told her..ulat will eat her teeth just like this kid teeth..
And it works wonder..
She let me brush her teeth last night and so this morning..
And keep on saying "nooo..ulatt..dont mamat Nya teeth ok"
cute kan..
But..baru sedar that im just Negative mommy..
Nape tak show her picture kids with nice teeth just like below?

Will it works if i told her..if you want your teeth to be as white as abang teeth..
So you have to brush your teeth twice a day..
Negative betul kan..
Instead of saying YES..i awiz find that it will be much understandable if i say NO to her..
Teruk kan..?


  1. eeeeeeee, takutnye 1st pix tue... i pon nak cpt2 brush teeth lps tgk tu! hehe.. i pon sama la ct, i will somehow tnjk die yg negative dlu compared to the positive in things... kene ubah ni! tq for reminding... =)

  2. bukan ape ct..kalo tunjuk yg baek..dia cam tak amek port sgt..


  3. tapi kan siti, kadang2 kalo kita tunjuk yg positif mesti dorang buat dekkkk jek ... kan?