Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Sold Out

Changing bears and Hexadral puzzle Sold out!
Saya ada a few educational toys yang saya rasa sangat bagus to share here.
But i dont have the time yet to take piccas and etc.
But really its a good one.
Susah nak jumpa this kind of toys kat kedai.
Mostly playgroup/playschool/nursery yang guna..
Nantilah saya share ok..
Best sangat and macam tak sabar nak share..
Thanks again ye sbb beli..
Oh ye..just to share lah..
If saya belikan Mia new educational toys.
Mia mmg tak reti nak main..So saya kena show her a few times..sometime it took her 3days to actually understand what the toys its really about. patient ye..
Nanti dapat Hexa puzzle nanti..
Trust me they will not know how to match the puzzle instantly.
First they will only stack the block ..
Then you need to show her the pictures at the back of the box.
And asked them where is the bird head..
Mula2 you all kenalah dekat2 kan puzzle yang gambar bird head tu depan mata dia..
Then once dah jumpa..asked them the next items pula..suruh carik part of the tree ke..
Dont forget to puji melambung diorang once they found the puzle.


  1. okeh nnt update yea, interested nak beli, yg prev tak sempat place order huhu..

  2. same here. akak nanti kalo ada best2 lagi update ek, berminat nak tambah koleksi tasnim & abang dia ni..

  3. aiseh....

    baru ingt nk emel hari nih...

    sile update...interested!!!

  4. ala! bru ckp nak..! pastu tkde dah ke stock bru huhu...

    yg latest choopp untuk mama Likha yer! :)

  5. babe dah sold out ke? yang balance lagi 5 tu dah fully booked gak ke? ni yang xsuka ni.. :'(