Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Before saya start nak cerita pasal puzzle..
Just nak update lah..all the blocks..dah SOLD OUT ye..
If you guys are interested for pre-order just email me at

Tapi tak sure bila boleh restock lagi.Anything i will update in here.

Ok..lets start.
Haritu dah cerita pasal the advantages playing with block toys kan.
So today nak ngomel sket pasal puzzles toys.

These toys are one of the best child educational toy you can give to your tots for a considerably low price.

Antara advantages playing puzzle ni adalah..

1.Puzzles Improve Motor Skills
Young children need to learn to grasp and hold objects. Puzzles can be a great way to develop and improve motor skills since they require a toddler to hold and manipulate a relatively small object. Try a peg or block puzzle which both have pieces a child will need to grab and hold on to in order to complete the picture or game.

2.They Improve Cognitive Skills
A toddler can improve their cognitive skills - in particular their problem solving and reasoning skills - with puzzles. They can help to teach color and shape recognition, to get a better understanding of the relationship of a part to the whole and can even teach them things like letters, numbers, animal names and more depending upon the theme.

3.They Improve Hand-Eye Coordination
Puzzles require a child to place an object in a precise location. To fit the piece they usually must manipulate it, try it out, move it around and finally fit it in its place. This is a great way to develop hand-eye coordination and to improve their skills as they master fitting pieces where they should go.

Haaaaa..baguskan puzzle ni..Allowing children to play with puzzles at an early age can greatly aid in their childhood education and help them develop skills that they can use later in their lives
Sekarang ni dah macam2 jens puzzle kat market.Tak macam masa saya kecik2 dulu.The only puzzle yang saya tahu adalah jigsaw puzzle.Adalah sangat tidak berapa sesuai untuk di intro buat toddle 1-3yo.

Antara types of puzzles yang ada for range kids age 1-3 are as below:

1. Wooden Puzzle.

Ada peg/knob utk senangkan toddler pegang and masukkan.
It can teach the kids about 123-shape-colors.
The pieces fit loosely, so they're not too hard for small hands to put together.
Age 2yo.
2.Cube puzzle.
Dah mcm jigsw sket,tp much more easier kut untuk completekan gambar.
Suit for 3yo.
3.Baby Puzzle
Suitable for 12month+
Ini yang susah sket nak jumpa.Mostly age 2 and above banyaklah variety of puzzle yang ada kan.
The good thing is saya dah jumpa set baby puzzle yang sangat interesting for baby 12month.
Tapi tinggal 3 sets je .
Nanti nantilah saya reveal kan ok.
Belum amik gambar lagi..tapi excited nak cerita kat sini.
So kira post ni as a teaser je lah ok.
But if anyone yang ada kids range 12-18month and interested nak beli..boleh email saya for details ye.
4. Foam puzzle.
Material lembut cam cushion.
Age 2yo+
BTW..set Wooden puzzle and Cube Puzzle kat atas saya dah tambah stock.
Anyone yang interested to purchase just email me at
1. 123 Woodern Puzzle RM16
2. Mix Woodern Puzzle RM17
3. Foam Puzzle RM15.50


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