Monday, February 28, 2011

Educational Toys Part 4

*Sticky Post until Part 5
Update on Part 3
1. Baby Turtoisse SOLD OUT
2. 123 Train SOLD OUT
3. Alphabet Train SOLD OUT.
* Dah order for once parts ETA..will update it in here.
You can refer to previous post for the list of educational items available for preorder
So for today..
Theres NEW 2 items..
As usual..stocks are very limited ok.
To order just email me at

1. Cutting sets ( Fruits and Breads)
Age 1+
Weight 500g
Slice and see is a vivid image of an "Everybody" game simulation of bread, fruits, vegetables to a baby in the game to experience life's basic elements. The aim of education : Let your baby on bread, fruit, vegetables, knives is a perceptual awareness, training baby finger flexibility; Babies training in the correct posture to use a knife, training baby's hand-eye coordination; Accurate use of wood Jackknife things, the concept of sub-culture baby, this product will be made high baby unlimited exploration of life's interest

2. Hammer and pegs
Age 2+
Weight : 350g

Baby can learn about colors;
Exercises the skill of flexibility, both hands coordination ability;
Trains baby's hand eye coordination ability.
To guides the child to use right-hand.
Childrens always likes to do knocking knocks with everything, this lets him knock all the way! Finally the child has learned the identification color naturally! This game suits you and the child plays together, increases the parentage.

3. Mix Puzzles (From Part 3)
(Fruits,Animal and Food)
Age 2+

4. 123 Puzzles (From Part 3)
Age 2+
Weight : 380g

You can Mix and Match ye to get a free 500g postage.
Seriyes i takleh nak buat free postage untuk semua berat dah.
Ada tu postage sampai berbelas2 ringgit.
If you take 2 items..
You will get free postage on the first 500g ya..
Worth RM6..
After than you need to add another rm1 for another 100g.
Do email me for details at


  1. wau! bestnye toys... since anas suka mengganggu saya kat dapur, cm tertarik je kat cutting sets tu... tp dia boy, sesuai ke ha? hehe...

  2. ash..sesuai je..skang ni chef semua pun byk lelaki kan..hehehe
    kalau nak order email ok

  3. alamak byk nyer i terlepas.. huhu.. start arinie i akan jenguk sini everyday walaupun bz.

  4. mmmy dam..heheh..belum terlepas lagi..masih boleh di sils

  5. choco train alphabet dah bis eh? rugilah..huhu

  6. sangat suka dengan wooden toys.
    email u already.
    followed u too.

  7. babe, i punya adakan? apa2 u update kat fb or sms i terus ok!

  8. wah baguslah sis ada toys cenggini=)i take note kay..n follow u