Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Encik Somi saya hangen dengan kamu

Alahai EL ku..the only day of no OT day in his 5working days mesti nak spend for his cycling activities..benci tears just now wont stop him either..

Geram ok..boleh tak takyah pergi kayuh..boleh tak spend time tu with ur lonely wife n ur baby at home..susah tau dapat suami yang super active neh..activities dia mmg takleh nak kacau..

NMBV,. MBVFGMMM..ok sorry that was Mia's typing...kacau mommy yang tengah hangen dgn daddy ni..

oklah boring2 di malam rabu ni i nak create tag pasal saper2 yang saya tag nanti haruslah mereply lah..asyik2 baca pasal babies je..apa salah nya tag kali ni kita cakap pasal hubby pula..

1. First time jumpa with your hubby bila and kat mana
First time jumpa dgn EL of kos la di SONY..2weeks after i joined Sony baru jumpa..He just came back from Japan that time.

2. Love at first sight?
NO..both of us are not available for each other at that time.

3. Who is he when the first time u met him?
My senior in RnD Mechanical Department.

4. How long it takes for him to ask u out for a date?
Acceli im the one who gatal asking him out first..ekeke..My bf dat time is far far away at quite bored being all alone in consider both of us curang to our bf/gf la ..hehe..

5. First place dating di?
Uptown Bangsar..heheh..what a place kan.

6. How he proposed?
hummm..i dont think he ever proposed to me..hehehe..we know each other for 1 year..after one year we both decide to get consider we both plan for the wedding..

7. Special date with your hubby?
Wedding : 8/Mac/08
Baby Mia : 29/Mei/09

8. Changes that he asked you to do?
Wearing a hijab..n im glad he asked..

9. What is about him that you love so much?
His love..his devotion to his family..

10. What is about him that u wish he would change?
hummm...rajin tolong saya buat kerja rumah..

11. You will lose your mind n crack your head when he?
pergi cycling or futsal on his no ot day..grrrrrr...

12. You will smile tru your eyes for the whole day when he?
say that he love me..huhuhu..hubby saya tidak romantik ok

13. complete below sentences
"My love towards my hubby is as big as...?
as big as my love toward my Mia.

ok saya nak tag
1. lily
6. Lina
7. mama qiestina
8. mama adam
10. Anita
11. Ayra
12. Sabrina h
13. Jiji
14. Misbehave
15. Lea Shmea
16.Sara Ahmad
17. Elyn
18. Amal
19. Ezan mommy sarah
20. Catlina

wahhh banyak nya orang kena tag..sorry susah nak ingat sume org saper yang buat tag sengal ni silakan ok..saja nak tau history u ol with ur hubby je..


  1. tq sebab tag ezan. nice tag.. nanti ezan buat k.. :)

  2. wahh..saya ditag..thanks...nanti sy buat

  3. saya suka ini tagged. nanti saya buat. harus2 buat. hehehe. thanks babe! :D

  4. Roger Yuda. Akan buat ASAP :p hihi

  5. aku x kene tag... uhuk2.. (tu le sape suruh malas update blog..)

    anyway, jgn sedih2, jgn marah2.. senyum!

    kisses to baby mia yg cute gile!