Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Mommies Blogger Gathering Raya

hah..this morning suddenly i received sms from Mama Sue informed me about the Raya Gathering Detail.
Venue: Sunway pyramid
Date : This Sunday

Iam soooo excited to join..but dat Sunday i have too many open house invation..this including my parents in law open house..takkan la nak jadi menantu derhaka kan..heheh

so can we change it to Saturday?..
anybody wanna join?..
ada opinion lain tak?


  1. me too x dpt join. coz dari friday nite da ada jemputan open hse, relatives n frens. huhu.

    next time la jawabnye.

  2. alamak. sabtu xleh sbb my husband keje. huhuhu. next time nnt jumpa ekk! :)

  3. yup sue also ade invite i smlm tru YM.... tp this weekend byk open hse. kalo dak leh jumpe u. btw mummy mia..... what is ur nick name ek??

  4. tulah..ipun tak free dis weekend..kita try plan date baru la,,

    u can call me siti