Sunday, September 6, 2009

Lets jom beli buku for our LO

Asyik beli baju je..apa kata we spend a lil money for our LO..its good tau reading to a kid at her early age..
My Mia pun everytime i read to her (i read to her since shes turn to 1month old)..she will listen..and to my suprised at 3month old she already can read the book with me..aarggghh..gaaaaaa.aauuuggg....sound macam tulah bila dia baca buku..hahah

My fren Madam Teacher which now in UK..ada buat sale to this kind of baby books..very very cheap compare to retail price..New items and hard cover book..seriyes murah gila..jom kita ramai2 order..i did already..i booked 4 books already to her..

p/s: uderque aku nak hadiah satu buku sbb aku promote ni..eheheh


  1. hahaha seronok dgr mia membaca!!

  2. mesti dia btmbah2 cerdik nt..hehehee..nk jd engineer cm mummy dia le tu! =P

  3. hehe.. thanks yuda.

    buku free tu xde hal la. :)

    kpd yg berminat, insya-Allah, sabtu akan dtg saye akan update stok. sila lawat laman blog