Thursday, September 3, 2009

Iam Supermom..

Yesterday my class finished early due to server down..i cant teach solid work without i released the student as early as 2.30pm..just imagined how happy my student sbb class finished early..siap cakap thank you miss tuh..hahaha..supposednya they should feel sad because they already miss the class kan..but..alaaa..we used to b like dat too kn..if class cancel or habis awal mesti happy tak hengat..

after the class i went to Bank islam to settle my car monthly payment..hajat dihati if pasar ramadhan dah ada kt Seksyen 1 nk beli je terus..tapi still too early for PARAM kn..the n i straight back to pick Mia at her nursery..gomol gomol nenen n she straight to bed..

its 4.30pm already..malas pulak nak kuar beli food for buka puasa i checked the freezer..i got prawn n chicken n some i decided to cook..first time cook for buka puasa..selalu mesti beli je sbb tak sempat..sahur je leh masak..

i cooked gulai lomak cili padi udang with cendawan..n i wanna try butter chicken from TV3 resipe..
i did all the instruction including put butter last sekali..
but after i put the butter,dah jadi mcm kuah minyak pula..i have to throw all the oil first then baru serve,,
The taste is good,but did i do wrong on how to cook the butter?..y it turn to oil pula?anybody know ??

ngam ngam habis msk,Mia pun nangis for her for 20min..n hoping she would go back to sleep.but makin fresh i wear her using babywear n in a second i transform myself as a supermom..
i did the housechores while i wear her..i swept,i moped..n i did the laundry oso...terrer 6pm,this supermom dah exhousted gila babs..but still one more duty to do tho,..i need to bath my baby pula..letih betul yesterday..but all i can say its a satisfied one.

Today nk g buka puasa at Palace of Golden Horses with En.laling..i will make the review about it in later post aite..
till then,have a super happy puasa mommies


  1. apa recipe udang butter tu? kalau butter kena panas mmglaa jadi minyak dowh...

  2. wow.palaca of golden tak makanan situ?i baca ur prev post.mmg banyak sgt diff puasa this year.n our lives.i miss tgk wayang berdua2an.esp midnight shows...masa bercinta susah sgt nak buat camtu.lepas kawin pon a few times, hehehhee...langsng xleh.nak borak2 lama2 b4 tido pon susah.kejap2 je.sbb nak catch up sleep.nnti tido lambat2 tiba2 kang rafiq bgn dah menysal tido lambat2 hehehe...but its all worth it kan.
    btw..i pernah try buat butter prawn, buat dgn my fren.
    butter,susu,kuning telur,garam sikit and pepper sikit tu tuang slowly dlm frying pan tu pastu terus kacau cepat2.klo slows dia mcm melt.ehehhee...trylah.x pernah plak i buat lepas tu.tapi rasanya like that

  3. mb terlebih butter kut..and mb i tak kacau..sbb tu dia melting..takpe2..practice makes perfect