Wednesday, June 17, 2009


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Syukran..right on time on my EDD..29/Mei/2008, iam safely delivered my baby girl weight 3.3kg at Hospital Pakar An Nur Bangi.

Damia Zahra is finally allow herself to pop out at 4.07pm. Thanks god for both baby and mommy are in good condition.

Now both of us having our delightful confinement period at Kampung Tanjong Ipoh N9.No internet access. Lucky for me that my sis bring back her Celcom broadband yang teramatla slow nya. nak upload photo pun i think will take hours. So be patient a bit ya, i will update my baby Mia photo soon when i get back to Bangi.

Today Baby Mia is 21days already and weight about 4.3Kg. 1kg increment from the day she was the process to menembamkan diri dia..

Thanks to all of you for all the doa and all the wishes.

Mommy Mia will update the unbearable labor pain that she had later k..

till then,hug and kisses from both Baby and Mommy Mia


  1. heyyy..finally!!! u delievered before me eh..?ingat x kita sama tggu aritu? tp i delivered on 5th June...n dorg pnye berat sama la... happy for u... =)

  2. at lastttt!! update pun... i dok laa tunggu u update tau! hehehe.. alhamdulillah dah selamat pun bersalin! on time ekk exactly on EDD?? good²... btw, kt annur with dr.kham ke dr.fatimah ek? i lak lupa.. hehehe.. well, nnt cite ur experience tau! i nak tauuu.. gheee! take care dear... :)

  3. alhamdulillah..tahniah yer..slmt berpantang :)
    happy for u..later citer psal experience k!mia leh gang ngan kakak husna :)

  4. hehe dah agak mesti tgh berpantang kat kg sbb tu senyap je tak update..

    hehe cepat2 upload gamba baby..tak saba nak nengok ni!

  5. alhamdulillah..dah selamat dah..syok nyeeee...
    eh nama baby sab pun nnti ***** zahra,yg depan tue pun mcm ala2 nk sama jer...nyway selamat berpantang,kte plak tgh dup dap dup dap mengira hari ;)

  6. wah.. tahniah ya.. semoga dapat menjalani masa pantang dengan bahagia... tahniah dari akak

  7. congrats Yuda! hehe.. hugs n kisses for baby mia ;) hihi jgn lupa share gamba dia byk2 ok :p

  8. alhamdulillah..selamat berpantang ye...syukran2..:)

  9. congrats!!! akhirnye..hahaha..
    selamt berpantang, nanti aplod pics byk2 k..hugs n kisses for u n baby :)

  10. tahniah!!!! x sabar nk tgk muka damia u!!

  11. sudi-sudikan join mysunshine diaper cake giveaway @

  12. congrates on ur newly born .. seksa bersalin, seksa lagi confinement hik3x...i still have 3days to go..lps tu yabedabedu...confinement's over... slmt berpantang ;)